Antidote, NY

Antidote, NY

Long Island City, NY

Bean-to-bar with raw & roasted Arriba Nacional cacao beans. Full-flavored with real fruits, nuts, spices and fine salts.



1) Innovative formulation of RAW & roasted cacao, delivering superfood nutrients in a bar of flavor and refinement. Antidote pioneered blending raw and roasted cacao together in a 50/50 ratio.

2) Due to Antidote’s high cacao percentage, organic ingredients and use of raw cacao it truly is a superfood treat. Get your 5 A’s a day with Antidote: Anti-oxidants, Anti-depressant, Anti-stress, Appetite suppressant, Aphrodisiac.

3) Low sugar- we use minimal whole cane sugar in our chocolate, believing this not only more healthful, but that it is simply not necessary to add more. The cacao, fruits, nuts and spices Antidote uses, are so flavorful and innately sweet, that sugar simply detracts from their.natural aromas and nutrition.

4) Unique flavor pairings that truly excite the senses, while adding to the nutritional value of the chocolate. Let your taste buds explore the exquisite pairings of Lavender + Red Salt, Coffee + Cardamom, Mango + Juniper, to name but a few.

5) ‘Empower your inner Goddess’- Delicious and nutritious cacao really is ‘Food of the Gods’, hence why every bar is inspired by a deity. Let Antidote’s divine line of chocolate guide & strengthen you through the stresses of daily life.


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