Fratelli Brancamenta

Fratelli Brancamenta

Brancamenta, the unmistakable mint-flavour liqueur, gives you an intense pleasure thrill at every sip. Its secret formula includes herbs, spices and the finest peppermint essential oil in the world. Natural and specially refreshing, it’s a drink perfect for all seasons.



Based on the same recipe as Fernet Branca including an assortment of 40 herbs, roots, and spices. Branca Menta adds to the equation more sugar and peppermint oil. The lead note on the nose for Branca Menta is sweet mint, while Fernet Branca leads with bitter aloe. Underneath the mint in the Branca Menta are all the wonderfully bitter herbs that make Fernet what it is, but the sweet mint is so strong that they exist more as suggestions than anything else. The nose is considerably less complex on the Branca Menta than Fernet Branca, but it’s also considerably more inviting.

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