Fratelli Fernet-Branca

Fratelli Fernet-Branca

Historic digestive bitter liqueur made with 27 herbs from five Fratelli Branca Distillerie in Milan, Italy.



Produced from Milan, Italy. Fernet-Branca is one of the higher proof amaro and also one of the lowest in sugar. Fernet-Branca is made from an assortment of forty herbs, roots, and spices. While the exact recipe is a secret, we do know that Fernet-Branca contains bitter aloe, gentian, chamomile, angelica, quinine, colombo root, chinese rhubarb, myrrh, peppermint, saffron, and ireos. These herbs, spices, and roots are divided up between hot infusion (basically percolating herbs like coffee with spirit) and cold infusion, during which they are soaked in alcohol and then centrifuged. After the infusions are left to settle for a month, they are blended and then aged for a full year into Slovenian oak barrels and Eastern European oak.

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