Marou, Vietnam

Marou, Vietnam

Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

MAROU crafts the finest single origin Vietnam dark chocolate while working directly with local cacao farmers, sourcing 100% local ingredients and employing artisanal production methods.



So here we are, in Vietnam our chocolate has no fancy Fair Trade or Organic logos to show. But on the other hand it is made by people with a real interest in protecting biodiversity and ensuring that farming families can make a decent living out of their work. On this point I must point out that we buy cacao beans that are fermented and dried by the farmers themselves. This delicate post-harvest work is an important part of the added value from simply growing cocoa trees to being able to sell a high quality bean that is worth more than the bulk market price.

At the end of the day, we know the farmers who sell us cocoa by their first name, we pay them a premium reflecting the extra care given to the post-harvest processing and when we finish weighing the bags, the money goes directly in their pocket with no intermediaries to pay; we are happy to call such trade fair.

– Marous Faisuers de Chocolat


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